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Wow...I'm using this comm a lot


Is it 'an hour' or 'a hour'? I know 'an' is used before a vowel and all that junk, but in speech I as 'an hour'. Is this right? I know in French and other languages, 'h' is considered silent, so you would use the equivalent of 'an', but I have no idea in English. Is that sad?

Right, yeah, I'm leaving now.

Possessive and the like in fandom...

One of the many things I've notices while in fandom, especially Marauder fandom, we don't like to use the correct form of possessive punctuation.

Not that I have any problem with it, I do it all the time, I just thought it funny.

If a book were to be published it would most likely say: James's trunk...

In fandom it would be: James' trunk.

I prefer the latter, and will continue using it, but I thought I would mention it.

Nit Picking

*brushes dust off comm* Wow, long time no see.

I've come here today with a complaint against Marauder era fic writers. I know, how could I ever do that?

I've seen in many fics, usually from the best writers, they compare something to Skrewt. This maddens me to no end, didn't they read the books?

Blast-Ended Skrewts were created by Hargid in 1994, long after the Marauders left Hogwarts. Want proof? Here it is

So let that be a warning for you all, don't compare anything to a Skrewt unless it is after 1994.

Nanowrimo Tip

I just thought of this today when I was checking my e-mail. I've (and Zoe) signed up for dictionary.com's word of the day e-mail, so I figured why not put it to use?

So each day I write, I'll include that day's word in it.

And of course, another idea if your in cave, set up a reward system. I have mine taped to my computer!


Hello there!

So, it looks like we'll be doing Nanowrimo.

You are welcome to post any questions or answers you have. We'll be maintaining this as a support group, because we are all special ( :) ) and in need of help.

If you find a good resource, let us know!
If you have a breakthrough, let us know!
If you want to tear your hair out, let us know!
If you finish early, let us know! (and brag, omg)
If you finish with three seconds to go, let us know!

I know I'll probably be giving you an update on how I'm doing, so, you're free to do so as well!

Have fun, and good luck!

Random rantage

You know what I'm tired of?

Fics that take place in pubs, and they always order a beer, but they order it the American way! I want to say a glass of beer, but that sounds wrong so I'm not.

Hint to all fanfic writers: Harry Potter takes place in England. In England, you don't really go to bars, you go to pubs. And you order pints, pints. (Or yards, but they are huge and I think only certain pubs have them.)

Take this from a born and raised Irish girl. I go to real Irish pubs, even if they are in America, my uncle owns one. I've been to Ireland many times, my grandparents live down the street from a pub. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

prompts vs request

Okay, people (or aliens, or whatever).

When asked for a prompt, generally, you are being asked for a word/phrase/sentence/topic to be used in the fic or just to spark the idea.

A request is something entirely different. A request means you can specify pairing/plot/genre/whatever.


prompt: ink

request: Remus drags himself to the Hospital Wing after the full moon and meets someone unexpected. Comfort!sex ensues. Rare pairing, please.


Aug. 31st, 2006

I know we wanted a layout that had to do with either Harry Potter or writing and I found this one: http://chertothepalla.livejournal.com/106553.html . Right now I can't preview it, but I remember looking at it before and liking it, so maybe we could use this.


Hello again.

Great news! We have a new member! (yay for shoutouts)
Actually, it gets better.

It was brought to my attention that quirkie created this awesome idea and turned it into a community. Even cooler? It's to help writers. YAY! So, progression100 is our very first affiliate!!! I think it's a fabulous idea, so run along to look at it (of course, at this time, there's only three of us and we already know about it... *facepalm*).

Oh, let this also be the time that we introduce tags into our posts! I've gone back and edited mine. So, please note:
Any time you are posting links, lj's, or communities, please use the help tag.
If you are posting a general complaint, or rant, etc about writing in general and want us to join in on your misery, please use the rant tag.
If you find or have a suggestion for an affiliate, use the affiliate tag.
Only I, the all-powerful, all-knowing, can use the mod post tag.
if anything else comes up, i'll make a post letting you guys know what tag to use!

OKAY DAMNIT! Sorry, this is the third time I've edited this post. For some reason, the tags don't show up. I hate the new way lj has ordered the customize page, so I can't figure out how to add them in. Arg. So, only if your page has a cut will the tags show. :|

So, I also need your help. We need a better user info. I'd love your suggestions on how we can introduce this comm to other users and how to make it interesting for anyone who just happens to come across it.